Teen Hero – Jack:

pic1 Jack was a victim of some severe bullying. The bullying started in Year 7 all because he came from a school that no other pupil had been to. Jack didn’t have anyone to hang around with and people would pick on him, beat him up or throw him in skips.
Jack decided that enough was enough and wanted to do something about it. Jack wanted to become an anti-bulling ambassador. These are people who look out for children who are vulnerable in school. Even though the school didn’t have enough funds, Jack still managed to make it happen.
Because of Jack’s efforts, the school has become a much happier and safer place to be, with people knowing that there is someone to turn to.
Jack has been able to stand to for something that was really important to him and to many others and has made a huge difference to the lives of many young people.
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Turned his life around: Josh

pic2 Josh was assigned a youth support officer when he moved to Epsom in Surrey because he hadn’t been in education for many years; he had never had a proper job and had struggled with substance misuse issues for the past few years. Jack never really felt settled and didn’t have many proper friends.
Josh had no motivation even to get out of bed most days and was constantly arguing with my mother. Jack was always tired and although he loved playing sports, as the years went by he started smoking more and became really unfit. Jack also struggled with his temper and often lashed out, hitting walls and doors.
Jack found out about a new boxing project that was starting nearby, which involved boxing, sessions about understanding crime, getting work qualifications and help with finding work. Through this programme and one-to-one mentoring, Jack started to identify areas of his life at home where he could make improvements and develop himself in a more positive way.
After several months of being on the programme, Jack felt ready for work managed to get a full-time job. Jack is also now more responsible at home and I’m actively involved with helping my mother look after my little brother.
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