This project sees speakers go into schools and relate how they were able to change their lives from a negative path to a positive. The talks are held in an informative and structured way, which allows listeners to take away key information on the individual steps that were integral in creating change.


Carl Davis (born July 1987)

carl one eighty

My aspirations are to achieve continuous success, in my own personal, ever-changing ways

Born with his parents separated, Carl initially grew up with his mother and experienced a lot of physical and emotional abuse. At 12 years old social services became involved in his life and he was moved into the care of his father, a lack of trust and communication affected this relationship.

He experienced being bullied, as well as being a bully himself, alcohol use, drug use and crime. School was a playground for him; he did not see the use in learning. and so left school with low grades

At the age of 18 the chaotic lifestyle caught up with him and he was sent to prison in 2006, serving 5 and a half years. During this time, through hard work, soul searching,  and engaging with educational and behavioral courses Carl began to slowly change his ways. These efforts were so fruitful that before leaving prison he was already studying at Oxford Brookes university!!!

Carl’s interests are stated as being continuing self improvement, marketing, business, weight-training, martial arts and motivational speaking.

He has also been a mentor with individual teenagers, a partner in an exercise business, and is the vice president of PR in his local Toastmasters club.

His motivational story centres around the 5 steps that were integral to his change:

. Mend family relationships

. Finding out who is influencing me

. Educating myself

. Setting goals

. Taking control of actions


Ryan Warren:

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I was brought into this world by a 17-year-old single woman who was addicted to drugs. By the age of 8, I was acting as the father to my 3 younger siblings, who were eventually separated and we got put into different foster homes . I was constantly bullied for my disheveled appearance, my situation at home, and not having a father. Going through all of this resulted in a lot of anger and pain that I kept bottled up inside of me. Yet, even by the age of 13, I knew I wanted to be someone important and use this struggle inside of me to do something good.

I know deep down to the core that my calling in this life is to help others realise what they are capable of and achieve their goals. I came from a place of ache, like so many people do, and it is my ambition to show everyone that you can still attain your dream no matter how humble your life may have once been, or may still be. I am here to inspire others and give them to the tools they need to succeed.

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