How to be a genius without even trying

Do you know what the inside of a Russian prison looks like? Do you want to know how King Henry VIII died? Do you know what is in alcohol? Do you want to know why everyone seems to be interested in North Korea?

If you’re travelling everyday in the car or bus, why not learn about something you didn’t know about. You may have heard of podcasts, but if you haven’t tried them – you need to! That is actually what some of the cleverest people in the world do – they learn about everything everywhere they go! There is information out there that is sooo interesting, and if you’re bored on the bus – stop playing candy crush, put your head phones in and listen to something that you can learn something new about. The video here gives you some instructions on how to add podcasts to your phone, and at the bottom of the page I’ve added links to my favourite ones to check out. Enjoy!

The Wild Classroom (it films things in the wild without them knowing) –

Stuff to blow your mind (Did you know some people have been born with 100 teeth?!) –

VICE Videos – (this link takes you to ‘A guide to North Korea’) –

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