We have been asking students and teachers for their feedback on Innerviews. This is what they have said.


What did you find interesting?
“How he was in jail… But he changed his ways and is a better person”
“Carl’s story of how he managed to turn his life around”
“The drastic change to his character due to past events”
“his story is really interesting and he has really good tips”

How could the assembly be improved?
“Tell us more”
“You cant, it was too good”
“Make it longer”


What did you find helpful?
Real life experiences, showing how even if we make mistakes in life, we can always work hard to put the right”
“Students were very inspired”
“The frank and unpatronising nature of the talk”

Would you recommend it to other schools?
“Yes – Good honest approach students can relate to”
“Yes – Very informative and inspirational”
“Yes – Honest and clear message”