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My Turn Around (MTA) was created to be a gateway between teenagers and positive sources of information. Information which could be crucial in helping them to achieve their goals, ambitions and dreams. Whether its a motivational video, […]



This project sees speakers go into schools and relate how they were able to change their lives from a negative path to a positive. The talks are held in an informative and structured way, which […]



We want to inspire young people to see that change and turnaround is definitely possible. We hope that you find these quotes and videos inspirational and encourage you on your journey of change. Quote of […]


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Youth Help Sites – Sexual Health – Relationship Advice – Drug Advice – Online Bullying Help/Advice – Fact file on a range of teen ‘advice’ topics – Alcohol Advice […]



We have been asking students and teachers for their feedback on Innerviews. This is what they have said. Students: What did you find interesting? “How he was in jail… But he changed his ways and […]


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Q&As You may have lots of questions that you don’t know the answer to. These are some typical questions that you may be asking, with some answers you might find helpful. How do I avoid […]


How to be a genius without even trying

Do you know what the inside of a Russian prison looks like? Do you want to know how King Henry VIII died? Do you know what is in alcohol? Do you want to know why […]



Teen Hero – Jack:  Jack was a victim of some severe bullying. The bullying started in Year 7 all because he came from a school that no other pupil had been to. Jack didn’t have […]